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Here are the top albums of 2001,
as voted by you on the year-end poll.

1) Lucky Boys Confusion
Throwing The Game
4640 points.
2) Jimmy Eat World
Bleed American
Dreamworks Records
3138 points.
3) Weezer
The Green Album
2824 points.
4) The Strokes
Is This It?
RCA Records
1680 points.
5) Alien Ant Farm
Dreamworks Records
1670 points.
6) Radiohead
Capitol Records
1622 points.
7) 311
From Chaos
Volcano Records
1570 points.
8) Ben Folds
Rockin' The Suburbs
Sony Epic Records
1507 points.
9) Jump, Little Children
EZ Chief Records
1404 points.
10) Pete Yorn
Columbia Records
1380 points.

11) Tenacious D- Tenacious D
12) Remy Zero- The Golden Hum
13) Nickelback- Silver Side Up
14) Gorillaz- Gorillaz
15) Travis- The Invisible Band
16) Cake- Comfort Eagle
17) REM- Reveal
18) Ryan Adams- Gold
19) Rufus Wainwright- Poses
20) Semisonic- All About Chemistry

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