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Top Songs of 2006 as voted by Rkstar Readers

1)1400.73Little Round MirrorsHarvey DangerLittle By Little2/26/06
3)1355.85New EnglishAmbulance LTDNew English EP5/21/06
4)1298.85Underneath the WavesThe Twilight SingersPowder Burns8/27/06
5)1285.49Unsingable NameMike DoughtyHaughty Melodic5/14/06
6)1222.28Love and CommunicationCat PowerThe Greatest7/2/06
7)1159.9Throw It All AwayZero 7The Garden7/23/06
8)1118.14Gamble Everything For LoveBen LeeAwake Is The New Sleep1/8/06
9)1095.26NoticeGomezHow We Operate7/9/06
10)1090.2Shopping TrolleyBeth OrtonComfort of Strangers5/21/06
11)1075.09An Old Familiar SceneElf PowerBack To The Web7/16/06
12)1069.99Knights Of CydoniaMuseBlack Holes And Revelations6/18/06
13)1065.98HairThe Early NovemberThe Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path7/23/06
14)1060.78LifeMohairSmall Talk6/25/06
15)973.36The GreatestCat PowerThe Greatest2/19/06
16)954.08Whatever You WantVienna TengDreaming Through the Noise8/6/06
17)916.37Lighten UpMorcheebaThe Antidote4/23/06
18)897.22Get Him BackFiona AppleExtraordinary Machine1/29/06
19)885.85It's YouAnnie StelaThere Is a Story Here9/3/06
20)869.62White Collar BoyBelle & SebastianThe Life Pursuit6/11/06
21)836.42End Of The LineMohairSmall Talk2/12/06
22)835.86How We OperateGomezHow We Operate3/12/06
23)818.95Become the EnemyThe LemonheadsThe Lemonheads10/15/06
24)805.75How To Save A LifeThe FrayHow To Save A Life7/30/06
25)797.62The Big OneNellie McKayPretty Little Head12/11/05
26)744.62Dead MeatSean LennonFriendly Fire9/17/06
27)738.69Chasing CarsSnow PatrolEyes Open10/8/06
28)733.42MetroThe Vincent Black ShadowFear's In The Water11/5/06
29)731.25Pretty DressRosie Thomas If Songs Could Be Held3/19/06
30)709.28StarlightMuseBlack Holes and Revelations10/8/06
31)671.51The New TransmissionLostprophetsLiberation Transmission10/29/06
32)664.34Busting Up a StarbucksMike DoughtyHaughty Melodic12/4/05
33)654.12Smiley FacesGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere8/27/06
34)651.77Cream and Bastards RiseHarvey DangerLittle By Little10/16/05
35)647.98All Will Be WellThe Gabe Dixon BandLive at World Cafe3/12/06
36)590.8I Will Follow You Into The DarkDeath Cab For CutiePlans5/7/06
37)585.5Gold LionYeah Yeah YeahsShow Your Bones3/5/06
38)576.42Half LightAthleteTourist1/22/06
39)563.92Lost At HomeThe SunBlame It On The Youth3/26/06
40)561.45Wake UpLiving EndState of Emergency10/8/06
41)550.35The Only DifferencePanic! At The DiscoA Fever You Can't Sweat Out1/29/06
42)546.14Far AwayBrilAirless Alarm 4/30/06
43)492.34City HallVienna TengDreaming Through The Noise10/22/06
44)489.85Throw It All AwayBrandi CarlileBrandi Carlile6/4/06
45)485.93The CompromiseThe FormatDog Problems7/9/06
46)459.5W.A.N.D.Flaming LipsAt War With the Mystics3/26/06
47)457.28See The WorldGomezHow We Operate11/5/06
48)444.81Children of DecemberThe SlipEisenhower11/12/06
49)427.69Sister JackSpoonGimme Fiction1/15/06
50)404.2I Write Sins Not TragediesPanic! At The DiscoA Fever You Can't Sweat Out7/2/06
51)392.11Walk Like A ZombieHorrorpopsBring It On!10/2/05
52)390.74Chop 'Em DownMatisyahuLive at Stubb's1/22/06
53)387.48Time BombThe FormatDog Problems11/5/06
54)385.17Nothing At AllWired All WrongBreak Out The Battle Tapes10/29/06
55)382.84Low CSupergrassRoad to Rouen1/15/06
56)369.78CarolynZoxThe Wait12/4/05
57)364.72Hate MeBlue OctoberFoiled1/8/06
58)361.58LadyflashThe Go! TeamThunder Lightning Strike1/29/06
59)330.22Crooked TeethDeath Cab For CutiePlans1/1/06
60)317.89FidelityRegina SpektorBegin To Hope11/26/06
61)314.58Phantom LimbThe ShinsWincing The Night Away11/19/06
62)304.71Cold DecemberMatt CostaSongs We Sing4/16/06
63)301.77The FallenFranz FerdinandYou Could Have It So Much Better12/18/05
64)291.57BettermanJohn Butler TrioThree1/22/06
65)282.98Download This SongMC LarsThe Graduate5/28/06
66)282.35Suddenly I SeeKT TunstallEye To The Telescope2/26/06
67)258.76Bridge To NowhereThe LikeAre You Thinking What I'm Thinking?1/8/06
68)243.05EyesTracy BonhamBlink The Brightest10/16/05
69)242.27The UnprotectedCavalier KingThe Sun Revolutions4/2/06
70)241.97Breathe MeSiaColour The Small One12/4/05
71)223.83You're BeautifulJames BluntBack To Bedlam 1/8/06
72)220.28CrazyGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere6/4/06
73)219.01Walk in the WoodsShipwreckWalk in the Woods EP12/3/06
74)212.67Juice BoxThe StrokesFirst Impressions Of Earth11/27/05
75)209.49Always LoveNada SurfThe Weight Is a Gift9/11/05
76)202.97Brighter Than SunshineAqualungStrange and Beautiful11/6/05
77)194.46Dirty HarryGorillazDemon Days4/2/06
78)189.91Alive With The Glory Of LoveSay Anything...Is a Real Boy8/6/06
79)181.5Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)Cobra StarshipOST: Snakes on a Plane7/30/06
80)176.31HelicopterBloc PartySilent Alarm1/1/06
81)169.74Some Fine DayEmber SwiftThe Dirty Pulse11/26/06
82)169.32Nobody Move, Nobody Get HurtWe Are ScientistsWith Love & Squalor11/6/05
83)160.27Off The RecordMy Morning JacketZ2/5/06
84)156.72No Matter WhatSonya KitchellWords Come Back To Me11/19/06
85)151.66Swing Life AwayRise AgainstPunk Goes Acoustic10/23/05
86)150.32Jesus of SuburbiaGreen DayAmerican Idiot12/25/05
87)150.12SingDresden DollsYes, Virginia5/7/06
88)149.52Work It OutJurassic 5Feedback8/6/06
89)142.56The GameAction ActionAn Army of Shapes Between Wars3/19/06
90)137.54Mama's RoomUnder the Influence of GiantsUnder the Influence of Giants8/13/06
91)134.2978% H20Ani DiFrancoReprieve7/30/06
92)124.29In The CrossfireStarsailorOn The Outside1/15/06
93)123.79When The Sun Goes DownArctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am Thats What I Am Not2/19/06
94)121.84Hard To BeatHard-FiStars of CCTV5/21/06
95)117.11BostonAugustanaAll The Stars And Boulevards12/25/05
96)116.12Into The OceanBlue OctoberFoiled10/1/06
97)104.71Don't Lose TouchAgainst Me!Searching For a Former Clarity10/2/05
98)104.28InvincibleOk GoOh No5/14/06
100)96.63Today Is The DayApollo SunshineApollo Sunshine9/18/05