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Here are the top albums of 2009,
as voted by you on the year-end poll.
1) Neko Case
Middle Cyclone
675 points.
2) Silversun Pickups
613 points.
3) Elizabeth & The Catapult
Taller Children
Verve Forecast
596 points.
4) Eric Margan & The Red Lions
595 points.
5) Placebo
Battle for the Sun
Virgin Records Us
519 points.
6) Vienna Teng
Inland Territory
Zoe Records
462 points.
7) Zee Avi
Zee Avi
Brushfire Records
388 points.
8) Ingrid Michaelson
Cabin 24
353 points.
9) The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
326 points.
10) Gomez
A New Tide
Ato Records
293 points.
11) Eleni Mandell- Artificial Fire
12) Patrick Watson- Wooden Arms
13) Blue October- Approaching Normal
14) Thrice- Beggars
15) Brand New- Daisy
16) Dredg- The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
17) Regina Spektor- Far
18) Andrew Bird- Noble Beast
19) Jenny Owen Youngs- Transmitter Failure
20) Imogen Heap- Ellipse
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