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Topic:MGM Halloween Show Pictures
by: Rkstar
Nov. 2, '04 12:51am

Monkey Gone Mad played a show at RPI this past Saturday to a small, but energetic crowd of about 125. It was such a great show. Those who were there can back me up on that. And any one else who took pictures at the show can feel free to add their pictures to this thread. This first picture makes it kinda look like Jay the bass player is some kind of glowing angel worshipped by an audience member. Who am I to argue?
by: Rkstar
Nov. 2, '04 1:00am

Brendan, aka Dr. Evil, rockin the C# major.
by: Rkstar
Nov. 2, '04 1:03am

I was told that RPI used just about every mic stand and mic they had to accommadate the nine-piece band.
by: Rkstar
Nov. 2, '04 1:15am

Have you heard the one about the ghostly image of a boy in the background of a scene on "Three Men and a Baby"? Just wondering.
by: Rkstar
Nov. 2, '04 1:17am

The brothers Rafalak.
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