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Topic:Jupiter Sunrise at Northern Lights
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 8:54pm

Anything But Joey, a band from the Midwest, has been touring with the guys from Jupiter Sunrise for a couple months. They were one of the openers at the show. And all the guys from the band were really energetic except the bass player.
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 8:57pm
Mark and Aaron from Jupiter Sunrise, being all badass during one of the first songs.

The pictures are a little grainy because the CD I got them on was from a different place than I usually go, and because I only have Paint on my computer to edit them. (and because my camera and camera skills aren't that great.)
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 9:01pm
Mark flashing the Asian rock star smile for the camera
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 9:06pm

Steve (MOSS!!!) looks on, and Kristine looks outward, as Aaron prepares for the band's acoustic songs.
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 9:08pm

Ben and Mark play "Steal Me" acoustic, with Chris singing along in the background.
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 9:12pm
back to back during "Beautiful Girls"
by: Ashleythrockstar
Nov. 6, '04 9:14pm

I figured I should include a picture of Chris behind the drums, so here's one with him twirling a stick toward the end of "Arthur Nix."
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