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Topic:"Hope for the Homeless" Goody Bags
by: ValsFansRock
Nov. 23, '05 8:06pm
Hey everybody,
If you didn't get a chance to come to the "Hope for the Homeless" concert on the 13th, but you still wanted to help out...Sirsy has been gracious enough to continue to offer the goody bags that were available for purchase at the concert. It's a GREAT's what you get:
FOUR Cds...
*A Sirsy CD! (donated by sirsy)

*A Velmas CD! (donated by the Velmas)

*A 28N CD! (donated by 28N)

*A Valerie Webb CD! (donated by Valerie Webb)

*A $50 gift certificate (& magnet) for Bender Rehabilitation Center!
(donated by the Bender Rehabilitation Center)

*A coupon for sirsy merchandise! (donated by sirsy)

ONLY $20 and it ALL goes to the charity!
Check it out:
by: kevbrockmusic
Nov. 23, '05 8:37pm
Thanks Val, I might consider sending 20 dollars to get those. Although I already have the Velmas "Recess" CD, I'll just give it to a friend of mine or someone, and Harvey G. will be happy about that, good promotion for the Velmas. I want to get a copy of Sirsy's CD and your CD too Val. So I'll definitely consider ordering this for sure. I never heard of that 28N band though. Good stuff.

I'll spread the word on this.

by: ValsFansRock
Nov. 24, '05 9:09am
I've been listening to the 28N cd...It's REALLY well written and REALLY well produced. They have a website: if you want to check them out.
by: patman
Nov. 24, '05 9:00pm
i wanted to go to this concert but... i'm totally into helping the homeless. i congratulate you all-i will buy at least one.

by: lyricaltobias
Nov. 25, '05 1:03pm
I went to the concert via bicycle that was a three hour trip. I arrived when 28N were on the stage. I think regional artist Amy Famiglietti would like something like this.
by: patman
Dec. 1, '05 8:13pm
i just have a really good feeling about this package and i think everyone should buy it. You get so much for so little. You know how nowadays everyone charges exorbitant price for postage-like $7.95 and the actual postage is $2.95? They charged me $2.25 and the actual postage was $3.53! And Melanie hand wrote me a little note-no YOU rock! i like that-A buy it- just do it...
by: Valsfansrock
Dec. 1, '05 10:33pm
Hey Patman- thanks for picking one of those up! I really liked this benefit because it helped people right here in the Capital District. Melanie organized the whole thing and did such a great job.
by: harvey
Dec. 2, '05 11:32am
yeah, thanks to everyone who picked this up! and to melanie for all her hard work putting this together. you get some great music and you do a great deed locally. win/win.
by: patman
Dec. 9, '05 9:48pm
i received 4 cd's-3 ok imo (what do i know). VALERIE WEBB vocals, those subtle haronies and everything-A+. Lead guitar, twice i believe-A+. The 1st 4 songs were great! The last 3 were good too. Cool- both venomentality and chords and names...

by: Valsfansrock
Dec. 9, '05 10:17pm
Hey Patman- thanks! I can't take credit for the guitar solos...that would be the insanely talented Brian Kaplan. I just did the rhythm parts. I made the cd before I formed the band. My vocals on the cd need a lot of work. I think as I get older the vocals will get better. My band and I just started recording a two song demo and I like the vocals a lot better...sounds older since the cd was made a whole year ago. Glad you like the songs!
by: m0mh0ckey
Dec. 12, '05 9:53pm
We just found out that ALL 50 of the donated goody bags sold out! That means that the show and the bags and raffles earned over $2000 for homeless folks right here in the capital district. Hats off to all the musicians and music fans that were a part of and supported the benefit!
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