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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:The world would be better place!!!!!!!!!!
by: Brockzilla
Feb. 20, '08 11:20pm
If retarts with problems would just shut their mouths. I am so sick and tired of critics putting people down when they don't even know what there talking about.
by: porksteak
Feb. 21, '08 4:29pm
Dude, get over it. You ain't the hero here. There is this cool thing called "freedom of speech" and "freedom of expression". If you don't like what people say, ignore it. Everyone has the right to say whatever they please. Deal with it.
by: Brockzilla
Feb. 22, '08 9:51pm
Yeah i got bigger fish to fry.
by: NikkiSavage1980
May 19, '08 10:55pm
Yeah, I've learned to realize it's not worth it anymore. People like to push buttons...not matter what, someone's gonna talk shit! I'm done getting upset over it. Let them run their mouths...after all, they're the ones making asses of themselves because people are just gonna get tired of it and stop listening. However, a smart ass comment here and there couldn't hurt!
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