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Topic:Hey, is anyone interested in this?
by: patman
Apr. 2, '08 8:46pm
(i sure could use a ride}

Cooler Than School

Listen up now. If you’re a musician, if you work with musicians, or if you fantasize about maybe one day considering the possibility of becoming a musician, get out your calendar and mark off April 30. If you’re supposed to work or be in school that day, call in sick. Call in drunk. Call in personal. On April 30 the Future of Music Coalition is coming to town for an all-day series of presentations about making a living as a musician in the 2000s, and it could be the most important day of your musical career since the first time you picked up your axe.

There have been a bunch of these “how to make a living in the music business” seminars in the area recently; I’ve been involved with some of them, and some of them were quite good (and some I’ve heard weren’t so good). This one will be brilliant. I have attended the last two annual Future of Music Coalition Policy Summits and can vouch for the organization and its goals without the slightest reservation.

Titled “The Future for Musicians,” the seminar is part of a four-stop tour across Upstate New York and is co-sponsored by the American Federation of Musicians and funded by the New York State Music Fund—that big pile of money that Eliot Spitzer cranked out of the music industry after he caught the major labels and Big Radio with their pants down a few years ago. The Fund has been responsible for a lot of very cool things over the past couple of years, and, yes, we have Eliot Spitzer to thank. Seriously.

The seminars will feature real live international serious experts and will cover such topics as the use of new technologies for distributing and promoting music; navigating ASCAP, BMI, and SoundExchange; online music marketing; podcasting/ webcasting; state and Federal policies affecting musicians; governmental funding opportunities; and health-insurance options for working musicians.

And it’s free! Go to www.futureof to find out more and reserve your spot. And tell every musician you care about about this. See you there.

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