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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:What Happened to our Music scene
by: Brockzilla
June 12, '08 8:18am
I really miss the old days of the QE2 (but not the piss filled bathrooms)I miss the music bands like China White, ATTICA, 1313 mockingbird lane and all the great bands and shows that use to be here at small venues. (I'm not a fan of Northern Lights personally I think the staff there are assholes with a big A) drinks are so over priced out there as well some venues it's better than others. P4th is a good venue (lately it seems like they have the same rotating schedule you know the one's). Another thing I miss is good open mic nite's I remember the days of Cheers (Very wild and crazy) Cheap drinks and fun that's what I want!!!!!!! I'm ready to Rock N' Roll again lets get our scene back. We need gigs and venues that actually pay talent (suck or not ) If you bring your gear and have a door charge than we should get paid RIGHT!? (Valentine's is on top of my list)
We need a revival!!!!
I can go on all day about venues. Add your two cents if you wish

by: drdoom
June 22, '08 10:12am
Dude we have been trying hard in GVille for the last 3 years bringing in top notch Street/Punk Rock bands.Hudson Falcons,Sasquatch,Far From Finished,Born to lose,The Blue Bloods,Confront all have been through several times.Usually book a small club and let it rip.Drinks are not pricey so that isnt an issue.Come check it out sometime.
by: tuesdaysgone
June 23, '08 6:59pm
What happened is that there are so few bands out today worth even listening to, and I recall many a dreary night at Valentines as yet another nameless and faceless band droned or screamed on while I bought five dollar beers that would have cost less than a buck at home. For every one good night there were twenty nights at Valentines where I would have preferred being at the dentist's getting my teeth drilled. With the economy and gas prices being in the state they're in, no one goes out anymore anyway, but even when things were well for most people no one wanted to spend yet another wasted night seeing crappy bands and not scoring, they would rather put their beer goggles on and pick up horny middle aged trolls at a dance club. And on that last count I can't blame them. At least the horny old secretaries in dance clubs are easier on the eyes than most of the younger trolls that hang out at Valentines.
by: kevbrockmusic
June 25, '08 9:10am
The only answer is there is not a lot of people out there that support local music. There are some but not a whole lot.

I don't think it has anything to do with the venues and the band's music, I'm sure everyone loves music like we all do but most people feel they'd rather spend their lives doing something more worth while than just seeing a local band in a small bar or a coffeehouse.

And on top of that, there are a lot of bands out there that don't bother promoting their shows. Not everyone uses "myspace" and they must do more promoting than "myspace" but they all fail to do that.

Sirsy and Ten Year Vamp, (although I'm not much of a fan of both of those bands) gets a huge following at all of their shows because they are good promoters and marketers. If more bands here promote their shows like how Sirsy and Ten Year Vamp do it, then there could be a chance of having a successful music scene.

And another way to have a better music scene if this area will get rid of the hateful negativity that seems to never stop. Negativity toward the music doesn't get you anywhere. That means stop making fun of other bands/music artists, stopping your jealous pompous crap, getting rid of your egos and attention whoring, etc. I can go on.

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