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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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by: patman
Aug. 5, '10 10:15pm
i must busk or die. Can't pay my rent. It costs $100 to busk for 3 months in Sch'dy. Seems like the worst possible city for that. And they said you have to have permisson from the property owner too. But that means you can play anywhere you have permission to--not just one place right?
I've never seen anyone busk here or in Albany. Anyway, they're garnishing my wages. I'm not making enough $ to live on. I'm screwed.

by: patman
Aug. 9, '10 1:39pm
The best place to busk right now is in Saratoga dummy. Hey, does anyone know if people actually get permits there or if they just let it go?
i'm too poor to busk. That's pathetic. Not having a car means taking the bus to Saratoga. No amp or mic... Has anyone ever busked or know about busking in Saratoga or Albany? I've been reading about it for 2 days now and location is of course of prime importance.
i realize now that i've read more than a few times that you don't need a permit to perform on public property. If anyone wants to busk with me just reply and i will go through the DOZENS of replies and get back to you.
by: patman
Aug. 30, '10 7:25pm
if you sing a song
an' noone hears it
is it still a song...
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