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While we don't believe in censorship, the content on the message boards are still part of the site and we want members to be able to communicate in a friendly and fun environment. So we provide simple, fair rules for everyone. Not following them would likely result in removal of the post(s).

  1. Keep the content relevant. General discussion can allow for tangents, but only post your message in the forum for which it makes most sense.

  2. Don't post the same message/information in more than one forum, or more than once in the same forum. You can always edit the already posted message if you need to change something.

  3. No swearing at all in the subject line. Recent messages are linked to from the front page, and we'd like to keep at least that page family-friendly.

  4. No gratuitous swearing or negativity. People who swear a lot often just make themselves look foolish, and the same with people who like to put others down. Let's just agree to not do it. Criticism is very welcome, toward Rkstar or anything else, it's what motivates sites/businesses/bands to grow and change for the better. But there's always a nice positive way to say just about anything.

  5. No bump messages. Don't post a message with no significant content for the purpose of moving it back to the top of the list.

  6. Please don't post any links that forward to a different link. If you do, they will just be changed to the final link. Especially if they're ad links. This site is inherently non-profit.

  7. Play nice. You should know what this means.

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