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Topic:Rock Singer seeking...
by: Mahlon
Sept. 15, '06 10:44am
good players or band into classic to modern rock. Looking to practice once a week and play out 2-3x/month.
by: Mahlon
Jan. 5, '07 12:19pm

Classic to modern rock and most of what's in between !!
by: mikeisace
Mar. 20, '07 7:23am
Dude did you find a band yet???? Interested in singing 80's metal, im looking to put together a new project.
Interested im at
by: Mahlon
Mar. 21, '07 12:25pm
I like #'s. But not if they don't add up. Mike,thanks for reply. You have mail. We'll discuss. For the record... I AM STILL ALIVE AND WELL !!!!!
by: axelead
Apr. 28, '07 10:25am
Are your batteries still charged?
by: Mahlon
May 10, '07 5:32pm
MikeisAce went back to his Psycho Circus Kiss tribute,after wanting to do the covers variety thing. Good luck to you guys.
by: Mahlon
June 4, '07 1:33pm
I am happy to announce that I have accepted an offer to join a good band,who "unanimously" decided to give me the opportunity to do so. See you out somewhere !
by: Mahlon
July 8, '07 11:17pm
So back to the drawing board ! If there is a good hard rock band looking for a singer,or good players looking to quickly form a rockin' band,PLEASE contact me AT
AA-Thanks for your serious interest n time !
by: Mahlon
July 22, '07 1:42am
can you hear that ?
by: Mahlon
Oct. 30, '07 11:56am
Coming soon
by: Mahlon
Feb. 27, '08 11:10pm
Available again. Need right mates who understand that a band consists of ALL members...and who do not see it as "us" and "the singer"...
For bands,artists and songs please see

Thanks for your serious time and attention.
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