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Topic:Blackcat Elliot is Looking for a Bass Player
by: albanymusicfan
May 1, '08 9:47am
What: Blackcat Elliot / Albany's Favorite Garage Rockers is looking for a bass player.

When: ASAP

Where: Capital Region, New York

Why: Our bass player is taking a break for a bit or maybe for good. We're thinking for good... so, maybe this could be a permanent gig for you.

What: We're looking for someone that will rehearse one night a week for a few hours. Say yes to gigs around here and out of town. Mostly weekends. You must be into guitar-driven rock like The Ramones, The Clash, Nirvana, NY Dolls and some classic rock stuff. We need someone that can sing a bit. We are NOT looking for a full time songwriter. We have one already but we're ALWAYS open to ideas in developing songs. You da' man/woman? well, call or email us. Oh yeah, your stage wardrobe must consist heavily on the black and white. CONS are A MUST!! We're cool and down to earth guys. We expect the same from you!

How: Age? 20-40 years old please. Male or Female and ready to rock.

About Us: Visit our web sites


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