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Topic:MONDAY open mic
by: JesSICKa
Aug. 23, '10 12:40pm
I know the best Open Mic is over at the Moon & River on Sunday nights however a few months ago I started a new one up in Johnstown on MONDAY nights. We have a really great audience that embraces every aspect of performance art and a pretty sweet space supporting us. If you'd like to check it out drop by any Monday night between 7 and 10 pm at Lone Palm Gourmet Coffee which is located at 86 Briggs Street Plaza, Johnstown, NY 12095. We have an accoustic guitar, guitar amp, and PA set up for up to 4 mics and a great sound guy named Al at your disposal. We can also run cd/mp3 player for you. This Fall Al who runs Big Iron Studios out of Gloversville will be offering recordings of your performances. Sign in generally starts at 6:30 and we start open mic at 7pm but we have an open door policy and as long as there is time you are welcome to sign in. Its open to all ages and there is no admission charge (we however request that any kids under the age of 13 are supervised by adults and you are fully aware that we will not censor our performers) You can also enjoy gourmet coffee, smoothies, italian sodas, ice coffee, frappes and a variety of munchies (including girl scout cookies...just sayin) If you'd like more information you can visit our page on facebook "Palm Central Open Mic Night"

Thanks for listening and I hope to see your faces tonight or at any one of our upcoming open mics! Your Hostess-JesSICKa
by: patman
Sept. 7, '10 7:13pm
Sounds cool...If anyone from Schenecdtady is going, i could chip in for gas.
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