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Topic:Music Recommendations??
by: bedshaped1987
Jan. 2, '08 3:59pm
Hey guys, I'm an avid music lover and I'm constantly trying to look out for new music out there. My taste is very eclectic, but mostly in rock, alternative, indie, hard, classic. I wanted to know you guys had any recommendations for any new bands to check out???

I'd like to share one i found on myspace the other day. They're called The Black Summer Crush. Not many people heard of them, but I’m going to head out to one of their shows to check them out. If you like to see a blend of the Beatles with The Who and Jimi Hendrix, they’re a band to check out
by: patman
Jan. 3, '08 9:44pm
cool blend.
by: cjmusic07
Feb. 21, '08 6:22pm
i really like the black summer crush...they are awesome!

check out scientific lifestyle, they are amazing! they are def indie alternative...i think you would like them! here is their link if you wanna check them
by: ocmusicgrl
Feb. 29, '08 3:04pm
i've heard of black summer crush, from what i remember they weren't all that bad. i'll be sure to check out Scientific Lifestyle, they sound interesting.

i recommend one of my favorite artists, Rachel McGoye. not too sure if it something you'd like listening to, but i like it so thats all that matters, lol j/k! she's very Fiona Apple meets Colibe Caillat. my favorite song is "Walk Away"
by: Popping12ock
May 28, '08 4:53pm
These bands are awesome that you are recommending. I like Black Summer Crush.
But one want to participate and recommend a couple of girls called Karmina, these girls rock! This one song that they released called the Kiss is amazing. You just gota listen.
by: follmanj
June 4, '08 4:05pm
Check out The People's Party, they have a new sound and image that I haven't really seen before.
by: Prtyallnight
June 6, '08 5:05pm
Check out Jo de la Rosa, very danceable!
by: follmanj
June 26, '08 6:48pm
check out Jo De La Rosa too.
by: tuesdaysgone
June 27, '08 5:28pm
Spam attack!
by: crtncav
June 27, '08 7:09pm
i checked out Jo De La Rosa she's awesome. album's out soon i hear. i heard she's gonna have a contest where you can win a day/date with her??? stooooooked cant wait!
by: Prtyallnight
June 28, '08 2:59am
Really that sounds cool! She is on a new BRAVO tv show called "Date my ex"

But to get back on topic you should check out Anouk.. good singer!
by: bapple326
July 2, '08 2:30pm
Everyone talks about the peoples party so i checked em out. they have some pretty powerful messages and a mellow tune. not bad.
by: follmanj
July 8, '08 6:34pm
I recommend Mikal Blue he's a producer turned solo artist.
by: Prtyallnight
July 17, '08 6:32pm
I checked out Karmina as well, they sounds good!
by: cjmusic07
Aug. 12, '08 4:02pm
check out rusty truck!!!! very good!
by: charlenarock
Aug. 14, '08 2:15pm
I recommend Rose Rossi, if you like indie chicks!
by: follmanj
Aug. 15, '08 1:51pm
by: cjmusic07
Sept. 17, '08 3:23pm
you should check out arden kaywin! she is really good. her song "girl in a man's world" is so fun!
by: UpInThisPeice
Nov. 25, '08 7:26pm
The Johnstones!
They're an amazing ska band from Ajax, Ontario, Canada and play amazing music thats really fun to listen to.. definitely one of my favourite bands! you guys should check them out, I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy them.. and if you ever get a chance to go to one of their shows, go for sure.. they're great live and have so much energy.. and they're wicked good to their fans! take a look at their youtube channel
they have some of their songs on myspace if you want to give them a listen!:)
by: MichelleLBC
June 25, '09 3:13pm
I just found this new pop artist from canada. her name is lights, she has a kind of electronic side to her but its really good. check it out at and i think shes playin warped tour this year too
by: MichelleLBC
July 6, '09 5:30pm
Ashley Tisdale's new album "Guilty Pleasure" is pretty good. I read somewhere that she's having a competition and the grand prize is a meet and greet with her. I'm totally entering if it's true.
by: blackhearts08
Aug. 11, '09 3:45pm
I like to listen to Katie Kerkhover. She is Pop/punk and has great style
by: patman
Aug. 14, '09 8:02pm
PATMAN-THE PROFESSOR OF POP. He hasn't been born yet, but he's.....coooolllll.......
by: patman
Aug. 14, '09 8:04pm
unlike the others on this thread; i am a real person...
by: michellelbc
Aug. 17, '09 3:50pm
Do you have a link to your songs then? Since you rave so much about yourself.
by: patman
Aug. 22, '09 9:46am
low-tech boy was gonna respond to the other thread and say he'd listen to that song exzcept his speakers aren't even working. Think it's related to this magic jack fella. not enough hours in a day 4 me. i did play 2 open mics though.


Posts: 10

Re: Muddy Cup Schenectady - August 16, 2009
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2009, 09:35:36 PM »We ended up having a fun time tonight, with about 16 people total. Patman did end up signing up to play and he delivered a riveting performance of some originals and a cover of "House of the Rising Sun" that I thought was cool.
by: patman
Aug. 22, '09 9:53am
Can't begin to tell you how frustrated (read pissed off) i am that i don't have time or $ to figure out tech stuff.
by: patman
Aug. 22, '09 10:02am
Does anyone know anyone around here that could help me with tech stuff for a reasonable fee? And while i'm at it is anyone interested in co-writing songs with me? i get so many ideas for songs it's crazy. i have near zero credibility (which doesn't mean no talent) a real ground floor opportunity.
by: patman
Aug. 22, '09 9:19pm
I just flew in from Chicago
where i was visiting my girlfriend
it's weird
my arms are fine...
but boy
is my penis tired...
by: patman
Aug. 22, '09 9:47pm
In Hell (mazes within' mazes)

You can shout at stupid people

but that only makes'm mad

it doesn't make'm listen

Wheels roll

an' sometimes heads too

in this...



Dreams are real


in them we feel...

There is always something

i have to do


i can do something else.

There is always something

i have to do


i can do anything...

There is always something

i have to do


i can do

what i want to do..............

In Hell

you can do anything you want to do

but you can never enjoy it..............
by: blackhearts08
Sept. 3, '09 3:28pm
I have been listening to LIGHTS lately! She's really good!! I wish I could have seen her perform at warped...
by: blackhearts08
Oct. 3, '09 8:40pm
I like this band called The Greening. They remind me of the Kaiser Chiefs but some are saying they sound a lot like The Kinks... I like their song, She's So Electric, check them out at their
by: michellelbc
Oct. 12, '09 2:11pm
I recommend checking out Keaton Simons' new music video for Ghost Whisperer. Such a creative work. It's interactive too!
by: blackhearts08
Oct. 22, '09 6:05pm
yeah I like Keaton Simons too! I can't stop visiting his to stream his music!!!! he reminds me of jason mraz, not in a sense how they sound a like but just their style of music :)
by: michellelbc
Feb. 10, '10 5:08pm
Keaton is on tour now! You don't want to miss out on him!
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