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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:Empire State Troopers!!!
by: ESTroopers
Feb. 20, '08 3:50pm
Check out Empire State Troopers!!!
Local hard rock/metal/stoner rock/whatever you want to call it. rock.

We're giving away copies of our cd 'Upstate Again' at the end of the month to 5 lucky people who join our email list. Just send an email to with 'subscribe' in the subject line to join. And we won't be bombarding you with emails, don't worry.

Check out our music and reviews, etc... here:
by: estroopers
Feb. 21, '08 11:59pm
sorry about that- here's the Myspace URL:
by: estroopers
Mar. 5, '08 7:43pm
EST is performing at Red Square on Broadway in Albany next Friday, March 14. Also on the bill: Oragnized Sports (Brooklyn) and the mighty Complicated Shirt! 9pm, $7.
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