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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:Loven em!
by: LBCBass67
Mar. 3, '08 4:14pm
If you want to hear something original, you should check out The Black Summer Crush. They infuse the classic rock sound with new alternative and to my surprise, their lyrics are based on Hare Krishna. I didnít know about it and I thought that was really awesome, and pretty interesting. And with a blend of the hard rock sounds, it adds a really cool fusion. What do you think of this way of fusing religion and rock?
by: MikeOwl
Mar. 9, '08 1:27am
Hare Krishna is kind of wacky. They believe that the personal Creator of the Universe is this blue guy. He plays the flute (a musician!) and is in love with this girl named Radha. Some artistic representations of this Divine Couple are absolutely beautiful beyond belief.

Forget the cult-like behaviour of the Krishnas, may every couple on this planet- and every other one as well- be blessed as cosmic incarnations of the Lord and Lady of the Universe!
by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 15, '08 6:11pm
Geez, from the description it sounds like watching grass grow. Why am I responding to spam, anyway?
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