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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:valentines closing?
by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 10, '08 8:57pm
Rumors are flying, it's been for sale for a while but no bites.

Does anyone care?

Will anyone miss it?

I had some good times there over the years, saw some great bands, but what have they booked lately? Generic punk, metal, and hippy music, each band as forgettable as it's hundred and one predecessors. Not one of them worth the gas money to get there.

Will the place that springs up in it's void have working sinks, off street parking, easy highway access, lights in the bathrooms, NO CRACKHEADS in the neighborhood, and the occasional band worth seeing? I.e. "is Valentines closing the best thing that could happen for the local music scene?"

Time will tell. Comments?
by: Rkstar
Mar. 11, '08 10:17pm
I heard through the grapevine, which by no means makes it fact, that Howard was having disagreements with the landlord and wanted to move locations. If anyone hears anything concrete, please pass it along.
by: Adam
Mar. 12, '08 9:48pm
"is Valentines closing the best thing that could happen for the local music scene?"

In my opinion, yes... it definately wouldn't hurt it any.

Ive always thought that place was a disgrace to the local music community. They rarely have a descent band because most good bands wont play in such a shithole.

Good f'n riddence I say.
by: kevbrockmusic
Mar. 12, '08 10:54pm
I agree with Adam, good riddance.

Howard Glassman's a great dude and all but the venue always had soundmen that were very rude to bands.

There's nothing special about Valentine's. It was never in the "CBGB's" league and never will be.
by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 14, '08 7:31pm
I heard this band called Sauce once played there. The soundman cut them off when their time was up, and someone from the band had a hissy fit and kicked another band's amp on the way out because they wanted to play longer. Is this true?
by: Adam
Mar. 14, '08 7:59pm
Yeah we played there... and we got cut off 20 minutes before our time was up... because it was a douchebag operation run by Brother T, king of all douchebags,... but no one in the band threw any fits, and I'm possitive no one kicked anybody elses amps... since we were one of the only bands out of about a dozen that actually brought their own amps and then everyone got pissed at us because we wouldnt let them use them.
The only ones that threw a fit were the people that came to see us play, which happened to be about 75% of the people that showed up for that bullshit Valentines crapfest. They were pissed because they all sat through about 10 shitty bands that ALL ran over their set times just to see us get cut off hafway through our set.
Most of the bar was chanting for Sauce when we got off the stage and I wouldnt be suprised if one of our fans put their foot through someones shit. But it definately wasn't us.

by: Brockzilla
Mar. 14, '08 8:43pm
Well i hate to disagree with you guys. Valentines is one of the original great local music scene places around. Bands can play there without no hassle and also it is cheap to see bands there too. What they need to do is close down these damn coffee houses where people play. They aint making no money in these places except selling coffee.
by: Brothert4u
Mar. 15, '08 12:36pm
"because it was a douchebag operation run by Brother T, king of all douchebags"
"The only ones that threw a fit were the people that came to see us play, which happened to be about 75% of the people that showed up for that bullshit Valentines crapfest"
First off Adam let the facts stand right out! The Band Sauce was suppose to share gear with the other bands because there were so many bands. Sauce was suppose to bring a bass rig and didn't probably due to the brains cells damaged due to meth on their part. But the show did go on thanks to Phillips Head and yes Sauce did get cut the crowd thought they blew and they all threw a Sissy fit like a bunch of girls kicked one of Phillips Head amps and almost got their asses kick by all of the bands it's a good thing they can run.

by: Brothert4u
Mar. 15, '08 12:37pm
"hint for Adam" You shouldn't mess with a family of musicians cause thats how it is in this area we stick together. I know why your upset and it's fine you and your retarded cousin aren't part of it cause of your mouth's enough said. As dfor your band bringing people out sure there were allot of meth heads there that night around 10 or 11 it was Washington county night and they ventured to Albany to try to stir something up good for you guys it worked!
As for Valentines closing I think it's terrible a venue that is open to new local bands and a spot for regional bands as well. I did speak with Mike about the closing aspect his reply was "You know T Valentine's has been up for sale for years" I knew that but because of all the talk recently I thought someone bought the place or Howard was gonna fold. As it stands as far as I know Valentine's is for sale still no buyer's at this point.

Please ignore the brainless fucks on this site they obviously have no life! Quote Brother T the King of all douche bags LOL! Get it right I'm the king of all ASSHOLES get it right
by: Adam
Mar. 15, '08 1:42pm
We were asked to provide amps... but never said we would. You just ASSumed.
NO ONE in Sauce threw any fits and NO ONE in Sauce kicked anyone's amp. As far as almost getting our asses kicked by other bands... I dont remember running from anyone, I remember seeing one drummer from another band getting chokeslammed to the ground and held their til he appologized for talking shit. I personally think we would've cleaned house if anyone tried anything.

I dont really give a shit about you're little family of musicians, if that's what you're calling yourself these days, a musician. The only descent band I remember from that night was The Bargain Bingers... right after Corn Bred did their job of thinning the crowd out.
Ive done a bunch of shows for you T, and gotten fucked over at every single one. You're an obnoxious prick... and a drunk.
So you and your little family of so-called "musicians" just stick right together and keep stinkin up the music scene... and keep prayin that Valentines stays around, cause it's the only venue in the area that gives a shit about booking your sorry ass.
by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 15, '08 6:09pm
I've been too hard on Walt Glassman and Valentines for the state of the local music scene. After thinking about it, it's clear that the real problem is the fans, or lack of them. The joys of living in Smallbany, I guess, but these days if I want to see a good touring band I have to drive at least two hours. Why does tiny Northampton have so much more going on than we do? I'm guessing because people actually go out to clubs? Local people will spend $100 for nosebleed seats to a mediocre radio hit band at an arena, but they'll only go to a club if it's a friend's band. Otherwise you can find the typical local meathead down at a sports bar, dance club, or ralphing over the porch railing at a kegger in the student ghetto. These are gloomy times for music fans.

by: kevbrockmusic
Mar. 15, '08 7:47pm
"You're an obnoxious prick... and a drunk." - Adam

I totally agree with Adam toward his words about Bro T. Bro T is an egomaniac who can't be trusted by anyone. And I don't appreciate being called a "retard", and Bro T calling someone that goes to show how much of a child he really is.

As far as this "kicking the amp" controversy goes at Valentine's, who the hell cares? It happened last year!!! GET OVER IT!

Phillips Head is one of the worst bands in the area anyway, I don't see what's so good about them, that power pop teen punk is the type of stuff I can't get into.

Like Adam said, no one cares about a musicians family of friends. This drama of playing hero "defending" your musician from the badguys is child stuff, Bro T. Grow up and act like a real man.

by: Brockzilla
Mar. 15, '08 8:49pm
by: kevbrockmusic
Mar. 15, '08 8:55pm
I for once agree with Brockzilla, we should all get along like profesionals. Fighting on a message board isn't acting like a profesional musician.

But as far as that "Gay Coffee Houses" comment go, I enjoy performing at coffee houses and cafes more than the shithole bar rooms. Performing at coffeehouses is better, 'cause there are no rowdy drunks trying to ruin a good time and people actually listen to you playing in a coffeehouse. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Brothert4u
Mar. 15, '08 9:27pm
The funniest shit I get from people like Adam and Kev they have a selective memory and yes both of them need psychiatric help maybe a stay at 4 winds near their homes of losers of [u]Greenwich[/u. I feel a new song coming on. I heard you guys have some fans in Albany (In the mens room that is) which I did see your numbers posted for a good time (men only) Stay away from me unless you'd like to be put in your place cause I'll tell you this obnoxious prick fat drunken asshole can handle you two little fagots and yes that's a challenge BRING IT! Corn Bred may not be the best in the world as for your bands and music it can't hold a candle to anything Phillips Head rocks! and Fuck you if you got a problem with it. You mindless twits of Greenwich, Sauce was a decent cover band and yes I did consider you guys ok until the light shined so bright and I found out you are all alike you stupid fucking mental patients
by: Brockzilla
Mar. 15, '08 9:41pm
by: kevbrockmusic
Mar. 15, '08 10:03pm
Brother T continues to show off how "childish" he is by insulting people with his childish attacks at people he knows nothing about.

Bro T can say and think what he wants about Adam and I. We don't need psychiatrict help, we are fine, and we can take care of ourselves like a real adult.

What you need, Bro T, is to get rid of your big fat ego of yours, no wonder you support other insane people like the Legend Rayford Faulkner.

Keep talking Bro T, the more you talk trash at Adam and myself publicily, the more people begin to think why Sauce and their fans get angry at you at Valentine's or other gigs you shared with Sauce.

You can like me or hate me, I could give a rats ass. I'm not afraid to tell things like it is. I don't care if people dislike me in the music scene.

I thought Brother T had better things to do than "online" baby games, well here he is, getting into the "online" baby games.
by: kevbrockmusic
Mar. 15, '08 10:12pm
And for the record, I was not at that Valentine's show when the "kick the amp" controversy even happened, so I don't understand why Bro T' brought my name up when I had nothing to do with any of that when I wasn't there at the show. I'm a little disgusted that I was brought into this when I wasn't in the show. Just proves how much of an idiot "ego" delusional maniac, T' is.

by: Brockzilla
Mar. 15, '08 10:12pm
by: Brothert4u
Mar. 16, '08 1:14pm
hahahaha! JUST BRING IT! That will prove your a man not a bunch of girls

Right now The Brock's are throwing a pity party for themselves songs being listened to:
Be Free - Jason Antone
I Wanna Hold You - Adam Barta
Within Me - Guy B
and many other favorites
touching each others pee pee listening to Kashmir backwards trying so hard to hear Brock in there somewhere
As they are filming a new film together with the new video camera (does youtube except gay porn?)
LOL! That's enough for now it'll keep coming sort of like in Kev Brock's face from Adam. Just keep flapping your virtual gums jealous losers
by: kevbrockmusic
Mar. 16, '08 2:28pm
Hey Adam, if you're reading this don't bother with this Brother T guy, all he wants is attention and you can see that Bro T is being entertained 'cause all this asshole wants is a good laugh is why he enjoys pissing people off. Just ignore him, Adam and act like Bro T don't even exist to ya, it works for me. Fuck Brother T.


by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 16, '08 2:53pm
It seems I was just complaining about the lack of touring bands playing in Albany, and here tonight Louie XIV is playing at a new place (Jack Rabbit Slims) on Broadway next to the Miss Albany Diner. And for five bucks! They are advertising themselves as a rock nightclub on their Myspace, so we'll see.
by: lyricaltobias
Mar. 18, '08 6:03pm
Hey guys - I am really on the fence about "Valentine's" closing. I know some of you didn't care for it but for me it was an experience. I remember seeing "Bipolar" and "Venomentality" there. But it is a venue and I'm really on the fence about the venue since I have played there three times already. I saw "The Erotics" for the first time there and those guys are really cool.
by: lyricaltobias
Mar. 18, '08 6:04pm
Hey guys - I am really on the fence about "Valentine's" closing. I know some of you didn't care for it but for me it was an experience. I remember seeing "Bipolar" and "Venomentality" there. But it is a venue and I'm really on the fence about the venue since I have played there three times already. I saw "The Erotics" for the first time there and those guys are really cool.
by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 18, '08 6:27pm
I was at that show with the Erotics and Tobiaz! Good times.

Tobiaz, just curious, how did you get home that night? You were about ready to take a nap under a tree on New Scotland Ave when I left.
by: lyricaltobias
Mar. 18, '08 10:51pm
I spent the night on the streets of Albany. What an experience that was.
by: tuesdaysgone
Mar. 22, '08 12:39pm
That's too bad. I would have offered you a ride but I had taken a cab that night because it was an Erotics show and I knew I was going to get plastered. And I was right!
by: NikkiSavage1980
May 19, '08 10:19pm
Valentine's is an awesome place...and for a lot of people, a second home! It would definitely suck if the place was to close! As for the retard brigade...why don't you guys just shut the fuck up and while you're at it...lay off the meth!
by: lyricaltobias
May 23, '08 10:32am
As a venue that I've played now for the fourth time why would I want Valentine's to close? Especially since I played what I thought was one of my best shows there. It is a good venue for struggling music artists that can't play all those cafes that want all that folk and acoustic music and turn people down who want to play something different.
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