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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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by: patman
June 10, '08 9:03pm
Ch. 11 NOW!
by: MikeOwl
June 13, '08 9:48pm
Did you see the episode of Bill Moyers' Friday night show where they featured the film "Body of War"? It was produced by Phil Donahue. The director was also on- I forgot her name.

It's a documentary on the post-war life of a paralyzed Iraq War vet. It was a powerful show and the film clips were amazing. There should be more visibility of the ever-growing number of vets who are being permanently disabled as a result of this war.
by: patman
June 19, '08 8:45am
i didn't see that but i saw something where they were talking about it and i knew i wanted to see it. Did you see Bush's War? It's incredible--very fast moving, it documents the lies that have preceeded every war. Later, Mike dude, and happy summer to all...
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