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Topic:104.9-The New Edge
by: patman
July 22, '08 7:46pm
That's what i've been listening to for the last month or so. IT ROCKS!
by: tuesdaysgone
July 27, '08 12:30am
OK, I think I get it... this is a parody of all of the spam that's been on the board lately. Brilliant!

As far as "The New Edge" is concerned though, how "edgy" can they be when every city in America has a radio station calling itself the same thing? Thank god for internet radio, or there would be nothing good to listen to.
by: patman
July 27, '08 7:21pm
So they're not an independent station. They just play some good music imo. i can't even get eqx on my stereo since i moved. And yea, internet radio, but i'm looking for where i can just listen to music without downloading it; can you do that asks low-tech boy?

by: tuesdaysgone
July 31, '08 8:26pm
I'm not sure what you mean by low tech, are you saying you're still on dial up? If not you can check out an entire planet's worth of music on streaming internet radio; as much as I love rock and roll it's great to give Turkey or Brazil or where ever a go. I've also been using a service called Last FM a lot. They "know" your tastes by monitoring your iTunes or Winamp habits and they'll custom tailor a station just for you (other sites do custom stations as well, like Pandora and Yahoo Music, but they require much fussing and tinkering to get it right.)
by: patman
Aug. 16, '08 9:30am
i keep forgetting to repy to this post. By low tech i meant i'm old and was brought up low-tech and it's hard to find the time and or $ to learn; or maybe there are places i could learn on-line for free. Right now i can't even get my Windows Media Player to work right. i have road runner lite. Yea, i have checked out net radio that's cool. Last Fm sounds good. Pandora, i gave up on when i FINALLY realized i hadn't heard one song that i really liked. i certainly could use a new computer, oh crap they cost $.
by: GB570
Aug. 16, '08 10:54pm
You know, if you like WEQX you can stream from their website.

Just click "click here to listen live" and a popup window will appear.
by: patman
Aug. 17, '08 9:53am
Yea, right now my windows media player isn't working right so the volume is low and tinny with hissin in thebackground.. i listened the other day anyway 'cause if i heard something i liked i could look up the name...nothin'.
by: patman
Aug. 20, '08 9:57am
Someone told me Limewire is good. Anybody like that.
by: smalltown48
Aug. 20, '08 2:22pm
Limewire has a lot of viruses. is also a place to find songs. its free! You can go on Pandora as well and type in the band and it will play that band and everyone that sounds like them. Examp, im a huge The Peoples Party fan, so i type them in and i can hear them + all music that sounds like them. Works Great! Free as well!
by: patman
Aug. 22, '08 10:22pm
But they sound nothing like "it", the original song.
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