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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:In regards to new artists...
by: MichelleLBC
June 5, '09 1:33pm
Try listening to Adrina Thorpe. She has an amazing voice! Just found her on myspace, the song "Moment to End" is really good.
by: blackhearts08
June 16, '09 5:04pm
Great find - I like her sound. Her voice is incredible.

As for another new artist that's worth checking out, Hotpress for Leopold is definitely one. They have this great sound that's very refreshing. Especially love their song "Torturer" - everything is working for me in this song. Check them out at
by: blackhearts08
Sept. 3, '09 3:41pm
And I just found out about Katie Kerkhover... she's got a pop/punk/rock feel to her music! She's really good...
by: MichelleLBC
Sept. 3, '09 6:42pm
I like this indie band that I found while I was visiting SF... the band is called, The Greening. They'e awesome LIVE and I can't wait to hear new stuff from them! I like the song, She's so Electric! can't get it out of my head! hahaha
by: blackhearts08
Oct. 3, '09 8:42pm
omg I like that song too! In addition I also like their song, Sunday afternoon! The video to that is SO trippy!!! they're in the process of putting up another video so check out their for more info :)
by: patman
Oct. 14, '09 9:56pm
patman THEE professor of pop.
by: patman
Oct. 14, '09 10:43pm
"it's trippy man, it's trippy
it's trippy man, it's trippy".
lyric...actually, spoken word from...
Patman--The Professor of Pop
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