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Topic:New Videos up!
by: valsfansrock
Aug. 25, '09 6:19pm
New Videos up!

"Count On You"

"Live Above"

"Going Nowhere"
by: patman
Aug. 27, '09 6:11pm
Your voice sounds great.
by: patman
Aug. 30, '09 10:26am
Ok. First song sounded great!
by: patman
Nov. 5, '09 1:26pm
OK, 2nd song great! You should do a video where you sing trapped in a well--your vocals have depth...and an eerie quality.
by: patman
Nov. 5, '09 1:27pm
i couldn't make out the lyrics but that might just be me.
by: patman
Nov. 5, '09 1:51pm
OK, 3rd song, geez, holy crap! You make me flash back to late 60's-early 70's rock. You sound like Sarah McLachlan if she were able to KICK ASS!
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