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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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Topic:Local Music Scene
by: MikeOwl
Jan. 5, '010 12:40am
What's the state of the local music scene? I've been out of it for a few years. Are there any hot spots worth checking out?

by: Laurie
Jan. 21, '010 10:53am
I am new here and not sure if my posting this under the subject which was discussed on this over a year ago will even be read by anyone so I am putting it here as well. I am in a position at present where I would like to reintroduce this legislation and get it passed but I really need some people to reach out to me and tell me why when these new artists could be getting jobs at local taverns why you would not want an entertainment permit (since it seems to be the only option) to pass legislation so these new artists could get work in these local taverns. People stop by my building on Washington Ave all the time looking for their band to play or to dj, etc. My tenants cannot have them since its again zoning board. I think the legislation needs to be introduced in a fashion with much less red tape so as to allow the smaller business owners to have entertainment and the new and upcoming artists to have more venues to play in. Please give me feedback to assist me on what other avenues could ba taken as I see this as the only way for small tavers/restaurants to employ these new and upcoming artists. I would like my tenants to be able to have entertainment and build their business. This legislation seems to be the only way without having "club" status. All thoughts and any knowledge to back up your position would be greatly appreciated.
by: MikeOwl
Jan. 23, '010 11:25pm
There must not be much going on in the local music scene. That's a bummer. I'll always remember the spring and summer of 2004. That was a great year for local music.
by: Rkstar
Jan. 24, '010 12:03pm
There doesn't seem to be as much going on as five years ago, but there's still a lot of good stuff goin on if you look for it. I feel as though we're on the verge of another "comeback", if you will, as far as local music this year. We'll see.
by: mhostig
Jan. 29, '010 10:25am
There's a lot of good local venues. Check this site out:
by: damonbrink
Jan. 29, '010 6:52pm
I am interested as well. Coming from Burlington, VT where you can check out 4 or 5 different live bands on a tuesday night I am wondering what the scene is like here and where the musician friendly spots are?
by: patman
Jan. 31, '010 9:47pm
hi, i'm patman
the professor of pop

it's parked...

like my life...

pat man thee
p m t
professor of pop
p o p
by: patman
Jan. 31, '010 9:51pm
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