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Topic:What's Up With Bernie?
by: MikeOwl
Jan. 8, '010 11:00pm
So I went into the Van Dyck tonight. This is only my third time back in there since it reopened. The second time I just relieved myself, saw that the bar was crowded (with no one I knew) and left. But the first and third times I ran into Bernie.

I shouldn't say "ran into"- that implies two people who know each other and mutually acknowledge each other's presence. Both times I smiled and nodded but Bernie didn't even blink or anything. It was like he had never seen me before in his life.

He's acting like an asshole but maybe it's not his fault. That entire establishment has some serious snooty attitude going on right now. People aren't rude but they aren't friendly either. The new owner's are obviously trying to bring back the upscale vibe that the Van Dyck once had.

I doubt that it will last in the long run. The way this place is currently being run is an episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares waiting to happen. Tiny servings of overpriced salmon and spinach in white, square plates...I've seen this episode before.
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