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The state of the local music scene, about the site, whatever.

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by: patman
Feb. 10, '10 8:41am
My Valentine has left me for another.
My hope for this day has been rent asunder.
This is becoming an annual habit.
Friends say, don't wait for love, just reach out and grab it.

All is vain, all is vain in the land.
Everyone gets trampled, like castles in the sand.

My Valentine is lost in the woods,
waiting for me to save her.
But i cannot move,
my strenght has been spent,
all of it, i gave her.

Forgive, no matter what, is the best way to live.
Everyone is your Valentine,
that's the best way to think of it.
Love is in the air!

Just reach out and drink of it.
by: michellelbc
Feb. 10, '10 5:10pm
Lovely poem.
by: patman
Feb. 14, '10 10:38pm
thank you.
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