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Topic:Genre suggestions for Rkstar 2.0
by: Rkstar
Feb. 12, '10 4:05am
The current genres list (at ) is pretty complete. There are even several that have some overlap (folk & singer-songwriter, modern rock & alternative, etc), but there's a lot of holes. When Rkstar 2.0 comes out, I'd like to include a lot more genres/styles than is currently in that list. I started keeping a list of genres that I wish were options when adding shows to the concerts list. I want to make that list public and have anyone else who has suggestions, make them here. That way, when I get to finalizing the Rkstar 2.0 genres code, I can just go here when deciding which will make the final cut.
Here's what I have so far - Classic rock, Swing, Cover/Tribute, Classical
by: MikeOwl
Feb. 19, '10 10:08pm
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